Friday, March 2, 2012

Playing Around

I got some time to play around tonight, even though I should have been sleeping.

I got out all 4 of my distress inks and my goosebumps with all intentions of making two (2)  baby shower cards for tomorrow (Saturday). I will be driving down south tomorrow after work to attend a Birthday and Baby Shower. I also missed my Brothers Baby Shower due to work so I will be taking there gift down as well.

I had this very cute idea and was glad that I started to play around with all my new stuff, before I decided to try tot make the cards, my idea wouldn't have worked. I still had fun playing around with my new toys, even though I never did get even one card finished! This is what I get for waiting until 12 hours before I leave for the baby shower. hahaha I guess I will have to go with store bought and just start on a card for when they have the babies!

Anyways here is what I did while I was playing around, I think that I might make a little album out of it or maybe cut shapes out of them and use them on LO and things like that, not sure yet.

After hours of hunting and being let down I finally found my Fired Brick! I was so happy, in the process I bought Peeled Paint, and Antique Linen. I also have an order on for the Broken China Reinker and Fired Brick Rinker. I also have Black Soot, and Milled Lavendar, and the Clear Embossing pad coming! I can't wait until they get here! I will have some more playing around to do!

The Goosebumps spray is fun but it will take some getting use too. I will have to play with it a lot more before I use it on anything. More fun for another day!

Until Next Time! ^_^

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  1. Oh! That bottom image, with the butterflies look very good! How'd ylu do that? Is that like using the goosebumps as a resist? Looks so good! That looks like a great front of a card!

    Howdja do it?!



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