Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Agenda For tomorrow!

Good Evening ladies:

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!!! If not good news, its almost over, hahhaha. I just wanted to share with everyone what I have planned for tomorrow.

I am working on an Easter Card for a swap. I have another idea for a card from, an .svg file that I got from a friend.  I will also be going through my stash to find Heathers prize! I have an idea of what all the gift will contain I just have to remember where I put it all. I will be posting pictures of the cards and the prize.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day, just think that the weekend is almost here! I will have a wonderful post on Saturday, I will be posting a day of spoiling, I will also be posting a picture so that you guys can put a face to the creations! I will be getting completely pampered on Saturday as a pre-celebration to being promoted! :) And to celebrate that I will be done with my class for work! :P

Also for those of you guys waiting for tutorials on how to make items, I will be posting Tutorial Tuesdays. You can look for your tutorials on Tuesday! I might make some for Thursdays on some weeks as well. Your next tutorial will be posted on Tuesday for you ladies!!!

Until Next Time! :)

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