Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MMM Swap almost time

I am getting excited! Its the end of the month, so I am about ready to swap out! Waiting on a few more in the mail, and then I will be able to start swapping out!

This is the first month that I am hosting it.  I have all but 4, 3 have been "mailed" out. I haven't heard from one person, but she has been thru a rough time and I don't think she will be able to make it for this months swap.

I really can't wait! I will hopefully be able to start swapping out all the items by Friday! I will keep the blog up to date! I hope to even post pictures as I am working on swapping the items out!

I am currently working on my Feb 1st Die cut swap! I am working on my spring items. I am going to be doing flowers. I will post pics probably tomorrow. :) I can't wait to see the finish product. I hope they come out the way they look in my head. heheh always hard to recreate whats in my head.

Until next time! ^_^

Friday, January 27, 2012

Feb. Die Cut 1

Today I was able to get some scrap time in! YAY! <3

I used my slice, along with my homemade Glimmer Mists to make my Valentines Die Cuts for Sally's swap. I used my Wedding card to cut out the double heart in pink and then used my Neon Pink Glimmer Mist, and then cut out the word Love and glued the title in the middle of the hearts!

This swap is meant to be simple and not really embellished but it has to be something you would use yourself! This will be my first time doing simple die cuts. I know that they are super simple and easy, but that will be my joy for this swap. Most of my other stuff is very well embellished. :) I love my embellishments.  Here is the picture of the finished project:

The picture is a little blurry, and you really can't tell that the hearts have my Glimmer on them. :(

Until Next Time <3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Amazing Deals

So after reading posts about the Slice Machine, being on Clearance at M's (Michaels) I looked up all the information I could on the Slice, and decided that it would be a good investment. I went to the store with the mind set that I would go to 3 different M's to look for one since I jumped on the band wagon so late, I went with the mind set that I wouldn't find one. There was one left at the very first that M's that I went to, I was so excited! I got the machine, for 19.99, I was also able to find, the hand free kit for 11.99, an extra set of blades for 1.99, color markers and black markers for 3.99, the pens for 2.99. That M's didn't have any really good cards, so I went to my other local M's. There I found a few cards that I found interesting, I got 4 cards.

Over the next couple of weeks I started looking for cards. I posted on SB.com about my findings and there is one card that I really wanted because I love Christmas, I wanted the Noel! I kept looking local and I found a couple of people that would look for me at there local M's. I found a couple more at mine and while I was out of town I stopped at that local M's and found 5 different cards that I didn't have.

Now that the cards have gone down to 2.00 someone on SB.com had a bunch at there local M's so I asked them to buy me all the ones that I did not have that they had, even if I did not really want them, I know that I will be able to use them in my swaps. For 2.00 I figured that it wouldn't be such a big deal. She found me 9 cards I have 4 coming in the mail from others and I have 11 card here with me. I know that besides the tools and the storage container and the Noel Card, that what I have now that my M's are now sold out, I have everything that I will ever have. I will not pay 50.00 for a card, just as I will not pay 40.00 for a Cricut Card. I will always be on the look out for deals!

As soon as I receive all my cards I will post a list on here! :)

Until Next Time! :)

Scrapbook.com & Thanks

As I think I have stated in other posts, I love Scrapbook.com!!!! I found this site in October 2011. I am so glad that I have found it! I have made some awesome new friends and have already learned so much from the site!

First off I want to say a big THANKS to the person responsible for giving me the courage, to start my own blog and that would be Kory! He has become a great friend and has some very amazing ideas and has given me so much courage to do so many things, I don't think that there is any way to repay him for all the ideas and confidence he has given me!

Second, in everyday life people have forgot what it is like to be nice to people and just simply get along with people. On this site you are taken to a place where everyone is there to support and help each other. Its like everyone has created our own little family. Its nice to be able to trust people and know that no matter what someone is there to help you with anything you might need no matter if its scrap booking or not.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cutest Thing Ever

So I have been updating everything and all my shopping during the day today and I was getting ready to work on my projects and then as soon as I turn my chair to work on my stuff my Snowshoe Siamese cat decided that it was nap time on in the middle of my desk!!!

He hasn't been there at all today. Only when I decide that I want to use my desk, and I dont have the heart to move him he looks so darn cute! Here I will so you!

I mean look at him! Look how cute he is! How could you dare move him! 

Current Projects

Here is a list of my current projects that I have sitting on my desk right now, and some ones that I am thinking about signing up for.

I love Scrapbook.com and have gotten addicted to there swaps.

1) I have taken over a Big swap called M/M/M Swap. It means Mono, Munchkins, and Mini. They are basically, embellished die-cuts. So I currently have those to work on, as the hostess I signed up for 4 groups, I have 2 groups done and have the other 2 groups assembled, I just need to embellish them, they don't need to be finished until the first of February.

2) I signed up for a card swap. I started out with just Thinking of you and Birthday groups but after I got those ones done, I decided to sign up for more groups, I signed up for Thank you and Easter and just a couple of days ago I signed up for No Theme! I have my Thinking of you, Birthday and Thank you cards done. I have my idea for my Easter cards, I think. I am not quite sure about my No themed cards, nothing has come to mind for those ones yet. These aren't due until March 15th, so I have a little bit of time to figure those ones out.

3)I have my aunts book for my cousins baby, I have had the book for about 2 years I have all the pictures in it, I just have to embellish the pages. I really need to finish the book and give it back to her.

4) Recently my wonderful boyfriend wrote and published his first e-book! I was and am so proud of him! It was a book of poems. I decided that I would make a Scrapbook of all his book! All of his poems in the original way he intended his book. He published his book in a different form than what he wrote it in. This is something I wanted to do and I have all of the love poems on there pages, I just need to embellish them and I need to buy another book for the sorrow poems and get them on there pages. I want to finish this book for my love, but I just have no motivation to work on his book.

I will keep you all updated on my Current Projects as I finish them and when I start new ones.

New Ones I am thinking about.

1) The February M/M/M Swap, as the hostess I have to sign up for at least a few groups. I am just not sure what groups I want to sign up for next month yet. I will have until March 1st to finish them after I sign up for them.

2) Die Cut Swap, This is a swap where you basically just send in Die cuts that are plan, not really embellished. They can be.

A Kory Day

Today I went to my Local M's (Michaels) just to see what Slice cards they had left on the off chance they had any left. I had seen two that I didn't have when I was in last week and set aside $10 to buy the cards this week, Well when I got to the one, They had only 3 left 2 of which I didn't have and to my wonderful surprise they were marked down to 2.00 from 5.00!! I got both of them. I was just going to leave but I took a chance and walked down the aisle that had all the Slice items, and I found a bag! I was super excited! Its a little dusty but nothing a wet wash cloth wont fix!

I was only going to buy one if I could find one for under $20. Since I got a deal on everything else for the Machine and accessories. I was not going to pay full price for it. I couldn't find one online for less than that with shipping, so I said it wasn't meant to be. Then I happen to find one today! I also found 10 things I love about you baby (boy and girl) for $.99 regular $2.99 I figured for that price I can stock up since when I have kids they might not have them.

Anyways I guess I should explain what a Kory day means. For those who don't know.

I am on a website called Scrapbook.com I love it and I am addicted to the site just as much as I am addicted to Scrap booking. Well he always posts just about everyday about the wonderful amazing finds that he is able to find for cheap. I am always so jealous of his finds and wished that he lived closer so I could go with him and share in his finds!

Anyways that's all for right now. I will post later about a little background info on me and what I have for supplies and also my current projects, in another post. Maybe later today if I don't start Scrappin' first!

Here Is a pic for you all:

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well here goes nothing. My first ever official blog post. I have been posting for a couple of months, on Scrapbook.com. I am not sure how to quite do this. hahaha. I think it will take me a while to get used to having a blog, but my primary use for this blog will be to chat about my scrapbooking adventures and my scrappy days. 

Today, I made my own Glimmer Mist. :P It was awesome! And what a huge savings. I made four of my own. I made two with glue in them and then someone said the glue wasn't needed. As I was making them I had also thought what was the glue for? So I made my last two bottles I made without glue. I will see what happens, and let you know. lol The only thing is now its been a couple of hours since I have done them the green one has, a pink layer on the top. It goes away when I shake it.  It works just the same. I love them all. I can't wait to use them on a project. I will probably figure out a use, for them when I create my February M/M/M Swap. I will go into my swaps in a later blog post. Its getting late in the evening and I am in a scrappy mood so I am going to go hook up my Cricut, and getting some things cut out for my swaps! I will post more about them tomorrow at some point along with my projects and what I have been working on lately. :)  

My homemade Glimmer Mists:

Pink, Purple, Neon Pink, Green! :)