Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kory Deal

   While I was looking around in Ms, looking for TH Distress Ink Fired Brick. I saw the Goosebumps Spray. Mind you that I had bought it from a Ms in a couple of towns over, and I had picked up the Goosebumps, I was using my 40% coupon the shelf it was on said, 4.99. It rang up 9.99. I wasn't going to buy it even with my coupon at that price. I was just going to wait. They checked and said that it was supposed to be 4.99. They fixed it and then I got my 40% off of that. :)

   Anyways I was at my local one, tonight and I saw the same bottle, and theirs was really priced 9.99! I was happy that I got mine for 4.99 before my coupon!

   I also did not find the Fired Brick. :( NO one around me has it in stock. I have no choice but to order it online. Guess I will be placing an order for Js tomorrow. I hate doing the online ordering, I hate the waiting for the items! It always seems to take forever!

   Now I have Broken China, Peeled Paint, and Antique Linen. I will be ordering Black Soot, Fired Brick, and the Embossing Distress Pad. I am also ordering the Fired Brick, Broken China, and Antique Linen reinkers, because no one around me sells them at all in the stores. I have already checked!

   I also bought a stamp tonight, just to try out my goosebumps with! I saw a video on YouTube on how to use Goosebumps and they used distress ink with it, so that is what I am going to try! I am hoping to try it out tonight, if not I will for sure tomorrow! I will post the finished project when I get done trying it all out! Still no luck on my weekend Mission. I might have to order that online as well! hahaah

Until Next Time! =]

Monday, February 27, 2012

My First

After losing my lanyard and over the past week of looking not finding another cute one. I decided that I would make my own since I am so crafty! hahah 

I found some lanyard fobs today and bought some cute ribbon and then went to find some "guy" ribbon so I can make my guy one as well. I found some Angry Birds Ribbon!! Score!!! 

I think that I will be posting a video tutorial later in the week on how to do it. I tried it out on the cutesy ribbon to make sure that it would work, so I wouldnt waste the Angry Birds Ribbon. I figured it out and it worked out really well. My guy tugged on it and it stuck I know how to make it a little better. I have to figure out the sewing part, and fixing the thread.

 I can't wait to see what the Angry Birds ones will look like, I can't wait to make them. 

Until Next Time ^_^

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh Kory Day

I had an awesome Kory day today! My new favorite scrap store is PC (Pat Catans) <3 I got some awesome deals on Clearance! I also bought my very FIRST Tim Holtz Distress Ink. Ok so here is my list of all my deals and finds!

So first off I tried to go to a LSS called A Scrapbookers Paradise, but after I pulled in the parking lot I noticed that the shop was empty! :(  I think it has been closed for a while. I was so sad, I didn't even get a chance to see what they had. Its so sad when a LSS closes even if I didnt even get to see it!

Then I went to PC and found some awesome deals that made up for it. I found some cute ribbon to make some lanyards since I can't find any cute ones in the stores. I found a pack of Christmas Sizzix embossing folders for 5.00 normally 10.00. PC has there own brand of embossing folders, normally 3.97 and they had quite a few that had been on clearance for 2.00 a couple of weeks ago were now down to 1.00 so I got one of each that was on clearance a total of 5 of the folders 2 of which are Halloween. One is a baby frame, one says all sorts of text sayings like LOL, and BFF, the other one says Congrats and has swirls and stars all around it. I also got a couple other just little random stamps for 0.25. I got My first set of TH embossing folders I got the notebook and Collage one it was only 5.00!!!!

I broke my "I'm done with Ms" today lol I had 2 40% off coupons to use, I have decided that I will only buy items there with my coupons and not pay full price for anything there I will go to PC or HL or even Js. Anyways while at Ms I found some Angry Birds Ribbon. I used my 40% coupon for that and I also bought my very first TH distress ink while I was there with my other 40% coupon. I bought Broken China, I have decided that I have 3 coupons to Js to use so I am going to buy more tomorrow with my other coupons and I have my HL coupon tomorrow as well! Super excited!

Well thats all my deals for the day!

Until Next Time :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Mission

Now that my weekend is FINALLY here! After a super long week at work. 40+ hours this week due to getting our yearly inspection, which we pasted with flying colors! My area which was service got a 100%!!! YAY Service!

My Mission for this weekend is to find the new Tim Holtz Distress Markers. I am super surprised that my good friend Kory has not already bought atleast one to try out let a lone the whole set! So I am going to try to beat him to the punch this time!

My Mission for the weekend is now to beat Kory! hahaha. I wont be able to go looking for any today :( But I will be able to go first thing in the morning! I will let you all know how my search goes, I will even keep you guys posted VIA phone blogger, if I find them!  This is going to be a fun weekend! I also have a few things I would like to get from Achievers this weekend. I have been wanting for a while and now I think that I will get them this week! Going to be an awesome scrappy shopping weekend for me!

Until Next Time 0_0

Second Sketch

Ok. So after a little bit of playing around with Scrapbook Plus I have created a Sketch with a background and title that kind of thing. It was a little more difficult that just the simple LO sketch I posted earlier. But this really are just testers. I would love to get a better hang of all this stuff!

There isn't really all that much to Scrapbook Plus as far as backgrounds and embellishments that kind of thing. I don't think that this program is what I am looking for. Everything kind of looks very dated. Like its all from the late 90s early 00s Not that thats all that old its just not up to date, I think it could be a lot better. I think I am going to do some more research to figure out what program that I really want that will be what I would like to do and all that I have in mind, I hope there is a perfect program! lol

Until Next Time =]

First Sketch!!!!

Ok so here is my first go at making sketches. Let me know what you all think, I have never ever done one before in my life!!!

I hope I did good and did something someone would want to use!

SO here it is:

Remember this is my first one ever! I am sure they will get better as I get used to doing them and using the program that I finally decided on, which was Scrapbooks Plus.

I will post more on how I like the program and have a full review on the program in the next couple of weeks. :)

Until Next Time ^_^

Friday, February 24, 2012

Scrapbooking Software?

So I am looking into a scrapbooking software. I am not quite sure, which one I want. Or even which one would be best for me. I have never done any sketches but I would like to try my hand at it. I also don't have a lot of time with all my swaps to work on LO (Layouts) so I was thinking if I found a good program that I could just start making all my LO digital. Not quite sure if that will work or not. I would still need time to work on them, but maybe it will make it easier. I really am at a crossroads and don't even really know where to start to look. Anyone use any of the ones out there? Any Idea?

Until Next Time ;)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Finishing a Swap!

So this is what it feels like to be done with a swap! I haven't had a finish swap for awhile. I finally finished my Feb Die Cut Swap tonight, I have had most of it done for a while now, I was just waiting to finish my two Valentine's Day Bling. As I posted earlier that I have just had no motivation to do anything scrapbooking. So today I was able to finish both of them. They didnt turn out exactly as I wanted them too but they are perfect for the swap!

I can't wait to go postal with them tomorrow! :)

I used my Slice and the Wedding card, I cut out the Outlined Scallop heart and the scalloped heart. I cut out a heart in vellum.

After the red hearts where glimmer misted, I glued the vellum to the outlined heart. I then put glitter on the vellum then glued the the heart to the outlined and to cover any glue that was showing I used red stickles to cover it! :)You can't really tell that there is glitter in the middle unless you look really close!

PLan for tomorrow finish Easter Cards

Until Next Time :)

No Motivation

So after a week of no motivation to do anything scrappy at all, I think I finally go it back. I woke up this morning refreshed and so ready to scrap! I am almost done with both my current swaps, I will be ready to ship after today hopefully! All I have to do is wait for my BF to wake up so I can make noise! lol

It feels great to want to scrapbook again! I hate those days that you don't have any mojo to scrap at all but you want to so bad that its not even funny. Its worse when you try to scrap everything turns out horrible and then you just get so frustrated!  Does anyone else have these days?

Welp its off to get my supplies out, I might just start making noise and let him wake up, its time to wake up anyways! Will post my projects later!

Until Next Time! ^_^

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cyber Crop?

So while browsing my favorite blogger Kory, one of the comments had suggested organizing and Cyber Crop! I think this would be an awesome idea! I would love to put one together, but I would not know where to start or even have the time to put one together.

I would love to attend one! If anyone put one together that would be awesome! :) **hint hint to someone out there** lol

Everyone would get to share all there ideas with everyone and you would get to meet some very awesome people. We all could more than likely learn a lot from everyone! I know I could. You would never have to really scrap alone if we did something like this, you could have a cyber scrap buddy. Start up the web cam and scrap together! Oh I love that idea! Now I need a Cyber Scrap Buddy!!!!! Better go out and start looking hahaha!

Thank you The Artsiders for the awesome Cyber Crop Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until Next Time =]

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No More Ms

I was in Ms today, to use my 50% coupon, I was going to get the Smash book but decided to wait til March when the new ones come out. On one of end caps they had neon shirts, marked 2 for $6 well after I got to the checkout they rang up $7.99 I said they are marked and they said it excludes neon shirts. I said the end cap is marked and the only thing on the end cap is neon shirts. She looked at me like I was crazy. I walked out without half my stuff I was so mad! 

I e-mailed them and will be calling in a day or so if I have not received and e-mail response. I will not be shopping at Ms for a while atleast! And that was my favorite store! UGH!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Today I gave my BF, his Valentines day Album! He loved it. Its called "10 Reasons Why I <3 You! It took me forever to think of just ten reasons and I wanted a few of them to be cute and part of our inside jokes. But thats not even what took the most time. I had 12X12 pieces of Chipboard that I cut by hand down to 6X6. I used my exacto knife. I covered everyother piece with black and red card stock and then used varies pieces of Valentines day themed paper to

make the pockets. Each page had a different
pocket. I used the Bon Appetit card for the Slice to make the title and numbers. I was going to use a couple different cards to make little hearts and sayings but then I realized this was for a guy and he wouldn't be looking at all the extra little stuff, so I mad it simple as possible! I was right. I used my Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot to make all the shapes for the reasons. I had him pick out three different colored sheets for the reasons. (he did not know what they were for at that point in time. hehehe)  Here are all the pics so you all can see what it looked like!

Until Next Time! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Kory Day!

I had an awesome Kory Day.

I didn't find much at Ms. Then I went to PC (Pat Catans). What a day to show up at PCs, they have a savings card that gives you discounts, and special savings on a lot of things, but normally it costs $20.00 a year for the savings card. I have never thought that it would be worth it. Today they were offering a year for free!!! Amazing!!! I think I am going to keep track, and see if i save more than 20.00 in the next year and see if it will be worth it. I will revisit that in a year from today.

I also found a ton of stuff on Clearance as well! I picked up some things for the MOTM (Member of the Month) Swap. There was a couple Texture folders on Clearance, I didn't see any that I really wanted or needed. Most of the TH texture folders are on Clearance for $5.00, I am heading back later this week to pick some up. All of TH Distress Stickles are on Clearance for $1.00 I got one of each! They also had flowers in all different colors made by Petaloo, said on Clearance for $2.00 and they rang up of $1.50. All in all it was an awesome Kory Day!!! :) Didn't get much but what I got was awesome! Super excited to use all of this!

Until Next Time ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have been working a lot lately, not much time to scrap. :( Its made it hard for me to make my BF Valentines Day present. I have put a lot of work into in the past three days. Someone, (I can't quite remember who at the moment) from SB.Com gave me the idea to make a Mini Book containing, the 10 Reasons I love Him.

I have hand cut, the Chipboard squares to 6X6 that was hard work, it was the first time I have cut chipboard. I  covered all of them with red or black card stock. then I used various Valentines Day paper to make the pockets to hold the "Reasons" I used my Slice to cut the numbers and the title out! I used the Bon Appetite card, for the fonts. I used a couple of different cards for other sayings to decorate the book.

I will be posting pictures of the book once I get done with it in another post with all the other details of how I did it and while I also look to see who to give credit for the idea as well.

Until Next Time. =)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Theme Cards

I was able to work in a little scrap time today! Yay! ^_^  I got my No Theme Cards done for Kayla's Card Swap on SB.com.

I did not know what I wanted to do at first for these cards at all, it was not until I started cutting out flower for the Feb Die cut swap that I realized what I wanted to do for these cards and it was only until after I made the first card that I had my perfect idea.  So need less to say that I now have to redo the first card, but that has to wait until tomorrow.

Here are the pictures the first one is the one that I have to redo but the other three are all ready to go! :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Post Office Annoyance

I am so annoyed! with my local post office. I went to the post office today to send out all your items. They told me that all the packages needed a flat, 1.95 on each package I had already weighed all the envies and put the proper postage on each item. 

So I was annoyed but going to fix it well after all this I also have never mailed to Canada so I asked how I needed to do it. She just told me I needed to fill out the custom forms so I stepped aside to fill them out but as she hands me the forms she said we close in 2 min. I figured she was just letting me know I needed to hurry up, well as I am filling out this form, they close the desk. I was so pissed off.


All Swapped Out!

As promised I got everything for the MMM Swap swapped out on Sunday, I am really glad I fought the urge to swap everything out Friday and Saturday. It was a little bit more difficult that what I thought it would be. I had a few ideas as I was swapping them out that would help me out when I swapped them but now I don't remember what they were.  I should have written them down. But then if I wrote them down it wouldn't be me. hahah

I was hoping to have a little bit of scrap time after I got done swapping everything out, but it didn't work out that way! I still had the time, but swapping them out just seemed to wear me out. I wasn't expecting that at all. After swapping everything out I just relaxed the rest of the day. I did get some yesterday after work even though I got home later that I normally do ( I mean way later) from work. I made myself sit down and get in the scrappy mood, and for once it seemed to work, made me stay up later than what I wanted to but it worked none the less. lol I started my St. Patricks Day Die cuts and MMM for Feb, got some great ideas and some cuts already made! :) I can't wait to start putting them all together. Heading to the post office to mail out my first ever MMM Swaps and then I will hopefully be able to sit down and scrap for a little bit before I get tired!

Until Next Time! =]

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Flock!

The other night I attempted my first flocking! After watching millions of youTube videos on the best way to do it, I was still a little confused on how it works. So then I just decided to sit down and try it. I knew if it didn't work out for me I would just use glitter so I wasn't really worried about it.

I tried it in a couple of different colors, it worked out great! I got the flocking in little containers from my local Walmart for under a buck! I decided to use my Quickie Glue pen from Sakura. They all turned out great no matter what color I used! The technique might take a little getting used too but I am pretty sure the I will get get used to it in no time like I did embossing! (My Favorite technique!)  The only tip I would give is use a tray of some sort to collect the extra powder in, one that doesn't have static! hahah I had the hardest time trying to get all the powder out of my try, I gave up on trying to get it back in the small jar and just brushed the last of it in the trash!

Here is my final results!

Top right one has the red heart flocked. Bottom right one has the white heart flocked. The left one has the pink heart flocked!

Until Next Time! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

All have arrived!

I received all of the MMM's for the swap. I can't wait until I can swap them all out. I really want to do them all tonight! I have to work tomorrow at 4am and I want to be able, to devote my full attention to swapping the items out.

I really can't wait until Sunday, my day off to swap them out! This will be the first time that I will be swap out the items as the new hostess! I hope that I will be able to live up to the old hostess.

Getting a little scrap time night, finding the pictures for St. Patricks Day Feb Die Cut Swap and MMM Swap. Finishing my Spring items for the Feb Die Cut. I need to figure out my two bling Valentines day items for the Feb Die Cut. I also am trying to figure out what I want to do for my No Theme and Easter cards, the time limit on those are coming close fast, I have been signed up for almost a month and it seems like just yesterday that I signed up. Even tho they aren't due until March. Most of my items that I am working on, are due next month.

I made some more Glimmer Mist the other day, I bought a bright blue. I had bought a dark blue from New York. and decided that I wanted a brighter blue for my flowers that I am making for my self and I think my anything goes Mini's for Feb. Almost time to get ready for bed, so I need to finish up my projects, if I get my flowers done, I will post pics!

Until Next Time! ^_^

Here are the pretties that I made tonight! Yay! 

 I made the blue one tonight, just for my own, and the purple one is the ones that I made for the Feb Die Cut Swap.