Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cyber Crop?

So while browsing my favorite blogger Kory, one of the comments had suggested organizing and Cyber Crop! I think this would be an awesome idea! I would love to put one together, but I would not know where to start or even have the time to put one together.

I would love to attend one! If anyone put one together that would be awesome! :) **hint hint to someone out there** lol

Everyone would get to share all there ideas with everyone and you would get to meet some very awesome people. We all could more than likely learn a lot from everyone! I know I could. You would never have to really scrap alone if we did something like this, you could have a cyber scrap buddy. Start up the web cam and scrap together! Oh I love that idea! Now I need a Cyber Scrap Buddy!!!!! Better go out and start looking hahaha!

Thank you The Artsiders for the awesome Cyber Crop Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until Next Time =]


  1. Somebody likes green, purple and black!


    Yes! Doesn't it sound fun?! Especially if we all had our webcams on so we could see our work and laugh!


    1. lol start organizing it Kory!!!! It sounds like a blast!!!! Yes It would be very fun.

  2. I can look into it too. See what websites are available. Maybe Ustream offers this. I have a friend who does something like this. I'll ask how they go about it. BTW Love the funky looking blog :) Bright, confident, fresh & bold. Very graphic. Reminds me of the posters for the musical "Wicked". Anyone for a chorus of defying gravity? Px

    1. HAHAHA! Thanks for the lovely comment! I wasn't even thinking Wicked when I designed it, but now that you mentioned it... I love Wicked! Its my Favorite, next to Phantom of the Opera!

      Let me know what you find out!


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