Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Kory Day!

I had an awesome Kory Day.

I didn't find much at Ms. Then I went to PC (Pat Catans). What a day to show up at PCs, they have a savings card that gives you discounts, and special savings on a lot of things, but normally it costs $20.00 a year for the savings card. I have never thought that it would be worth it. Today they were offering a year for free!!! Amazing!!! I think I am going to keep track, and see if i save more than 20.00 in the next year and see if it will be worth it. I will revisit that in a year from today.

I also found a ton of stuff on Clearance as well! I picked up some things for the MOTM (Member of the Month) Swap. There was a couple Texture folders on Clearance, I didn't see any that I really wanted or needed. Most of the TH texture folders are on Clearance for $5.00, I am heading back later this week to pick some up. All of TH Distress Stickles are on Clearance for $1.00 I got one of each! They also had flowers in all different colors made by Petaloo, said on Clearance for $2.00 and they rang up of $1.50. All in all it was an awesome Kory Day!!! :) Didn't get much but what I got was awesome! Super excited to use all of this!

Until Next Time ;)

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  1. Whoooooohaw!

    Kory Days all around! lol

    Jealous of the stickles - I rarely use them, but you know me- I like to have a full stock of everything!



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