Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have been working a lot lately, not much time to scrap. :( Its made it hard for me to make my BF Valentines Day present. I have put a lot of work into in the past three days. Someone, (I can't quite remember who at the moment) from SB.Com gave me the idea to make a Mini Book containing, the 10 Reasons I love Him.

I have hand cut, the Chipboard squares to 6X6 that was hard work, it was the first time I have cut chipboard. I  covered all of them with red or black card stock. then I used various Valentines Day paper to make the pockets to hold the "Reasons" I used my Slice to cut the numbers and the title out! I used the Bon Appetite card, for the fonts. I used a couple of different cards for other sayings to decorate the book.

I will be posting pictures of the book once I get done with it in another post with all the other details of how I did it and while I also look to see who to give credit for the idea as well.

Until Next Time. =)

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