Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Flock!

The other night I attempted my first flocking! After watching millions of youTube videos on the best way to do it, I was still a little confused on how it works. So then I just decided to sit down and try it. I knew if it didn't work out for me I would just use glitter so I wasn't really worried about it.

I tried it in a couple of different colors, it worked out great! I got the flocking in little containers from my local Walmart for under a buck! I decided to use my Quickie Glue pen from Sakura. They all turned out great no matter what color I used! The technique might take a little getting used too but I am pretty sure the I will get get used to it in no time like I did embossing! (My Favorite technique!)  The only tip I would give is use a tray of some sort to collect the extra powder in, one that doesn't have static! hahah I had the hardest time trying to get all the powder out of my try, I gave up on trying to get it back in the small jar and just brushed the last of it in the trash!

Here is my final results!

Top right one has the red heart flocked. Bottom right one has the white heart flocked. The left one has the pink heart flocked!

Until Next Time! :)

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