Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Today I gave my BF, his Valentines day Album! He loved it. Its called "10 Reasons Why I <3 You! It took me forever to think of just ten reasons and I wanted a few of them to be cute and part of our inside jokes. But thats not even what took the most time. I had 12X12 pieces of Chipboard that I cut by hand down to 6X6. I used my exacto knife. I covered everyother piece with black and red card stock and then used varies pieces of Valentines day themed paper to

make the pockets. Each page had a different
pocket. I used the Bon Appetit card for the Slice to make the title and numbers. I was going to use a couple different cards to make little hearts and sayings but then I realized this was for a guy and he wouldn't be looking at all the extra little stuff, so I mad it simple as possible! I was right. I used my Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot to make all the shapes for the reasons. I had him pick out three different colored sheets for the reasons. (he did not know what they were for at that point in time. hehehe)  Here are all the pics so you all can see what it looked like!

Until Next Time! :)


  1. Great job! Love the numbers and the pockets!


    1. thanks Kory! I was going to originally use the paper to make the background and use the plain cardstock for the pockets, but I liked this way better!

  2. I too made a "ten reasons why I love you" for my husband. Your's is adorable!

    1. Ellen you are the one, that I scrap lifted from!!! I think, you posted this idea in the Valentines Day post on SB.com!!!


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