Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kory Deal

   While I was looking around in Ms, looking for TH Distress Ink Fired Brick. I saw the Goosebumps Spray. Mind you that I had bought it from a Ms in a couple of towns over, and I had picked up the Goosebumps, I was using my 40% coupon the shelf it was on said, 4.99. It rang up 9.99. I wasn't going to buy it even with my coupon at that price. I was just going to wait. They checked and said that it was supposed to be 4.99. They fixed it and then I got my 40% off of that. :)

   Anyways I was at my local one, tonight and I saw the same bottle, and theirs was really priced 9.99! I was happy that I got mine for 4.99 before my coupon!

   I also did not find the Fired Brick. :( NO one around me has it in stock. I have no choice but to order it online. Guess I will be placing an order for Js tomorrow. I hate doing the online ordering, I hate the waiting for the items! It always seems to take forever!

   Now I have Broken China, Peeled Paint, and Antique Linen. I will be ordering Black Soot, Fired Brick, and the Embossing Distress Pad. I am also ordering the Fired Brick, Broken China, and Antique Linen reinkers, because no one around me sells them at all in the stores. I have already checked!

   I also bought a stamp tonight, just to try out my goosebumps with! I saw a video on YouTube on how to use Goosebumps and they used distress ink with it, so that is what I am going to try! I am hoping to try it out tonight, if not I will for sure tomorrow! I will post the finished project when I get done trying it all out! Still no luck on my weekend Mission. I might have to order that online as well! hahaah

Until Next Time! =]

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  1. I've been wondering about the Distress Embossing Ink- what does it do differently that regular embossing ink wouldn't do? I always use my Versamark Watermark pad to emboss. I don't have any Distress embossing powders, either. Somebody once told me you can make your own, just by adding sand to regular embossing powder- I *think* it was somebody in the sb.com forum...

    Sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble finding the Fired Brick!!!

    And 10 bucks for the Goosebump spray?!?! I'm glad I found some at the HL outlet! I am pretty sure that it is marked 9.99 at the Ms here, too. When I first saw it there, I didn't even look twice at it for that price. Coupon or not! lol. But way to go at getting them to honor the 4.99 price and using the coupon on it!



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