Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop- Day 11

Welcome to day 11!!
We are coming to a close end to our amazing hop! Thank you to everyone that has hopped along the whole time with us! We greatly appreciate your participation. If you are just joining us welcome!!!! You will want to start at the beginning with Lisa's Blog. If you are here from Pam's Blog you are in the right place.
Your next stop on the blog hop train will be to Teresa's Blog.

Apparently Blogger did not like my post from yesterday. So I will be sharing two projects with you today, the one from yesterday that was in the post that disappered and the one for today.

The project for day 10 was a simple card for a manager at work. It will have a corresponding ornament that I will show in todays project.

Today's project is my Manager Gift this year. Starting last year I made every manager an ornament for there tree's. I have decided that I wanted to do this every year for the managers that I work with. I make them a card that matches there ornament as well. I will have a video tutorial to post in Day 12 on how to make this ornament as well as a written post the day after this Blog hop is over. For anyone that would like to try to make this super simple and amazing card!

Until Next Time!!! :)

1. Lisa Pontious ~ http://honeybearzdesigns2011.blogspot.com/

2. Ashley - http://thebloghopprincess.blogspot.com/

Sunday, December 2, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop- Day 9

Welcome to Day 9! 

The hop is almost to the end. :( I will be sad to see it end. If you are hopping along and came from Pam's Blog you are in the right spot. If you just happen to stop by and see what I was up to today, then head on over to Lisa's Blog to start from the beginning to see all the amazing projects these ladies are doing! 
After me your next stop will be Teresa's Blog! :) 

Today I am sharing with you a page in my smash book that I just recently started. Since Christmas is my favorite holiday I did some stamping and a little journalling about Christmas for this year and left room for some pictures from this year. There isn't much decoration yet but I know I will be adding more once I get pictures from Christmas to add and will see how much more room I will have.
Here is the overview:
Here is what I wrote on the page:
On the top corner is says time for Cocoa! I love this stamp because every year on Christmas Eve we always went to my Grandma's house for Hot Cocoa and Pizza. That is how we always spent Christmas Eve. The past couple years that has changed but I will always remember that! 

Hope you enjoyed your time here! Until Next Time! :) 

1. Lisa Pontious ~ http://honeybearzdesigns2011.blogspot.com/

2. Ashley - http://thebloghopprincess.blogspot.com/

Saturday, December 1, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop- Day 8

Welcome to day 8 and the first day of December! I can't believe that we will be in 2013 soon! Its all crazy about how fast the year has gone. If you are just joining in our hop don't forget to start at Lisa's Blog. If you are following along and came from Pam's Blog then you are in the right place. Your next stop will be over at Teresa's Blog. 

For today's project I wanted to showcase my present tags for the year. I always make my own tags for my presents every year. It makes everything have a homemade touch. I just made my small ones for this hop. 
They are all sprayed with my own homemade Glimmer Mists. Then I will stamp them with random stamps and add my To, and From on there and then they are done! Super easy! 
Here is one on a present already! 
Here is on that I would hang on a present hanging in my tree. 

Until Next Time. :)

1. Lisa Pontious ~ http://honeybearzdesigns2011.blogspot.com/

2. Ashley - http://thebloghopprincess.blogspot.com/