Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No More Ms

I was in Ms today, to use my 50% coupon, I was going to get the Smash book but decided to wait til March when the new ones come out. On one of end caps they had neon shirts, marked 2 for $6 well after I got to the checkout they rang up $7.99 I said they are marked and they said it excludes neon shirts. I said the end cap is marked and the only thing on the end cap is neon shirts. She looked at me like I was crazy. I walked out without half my stuff I was so mad! 

I e-mailed them and will be calling in a day or so if I have not received and e-mail response. I will not be shopping at Ms for a while atleast! And that was my favorite store! UGH!!!!


  1. I would've demanded she walk over there with me and look at the sign- and if she refused, I would've snatched her wig!

    There is one evil yet stupid cashier I always avoid at my Michaels...


  2. Kor you are so funny!!! You need to move to Ohio, so we can shop together!


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