Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Kory Day

Today I went to my Local M's (Michaels) just to see what Slice cards they had left on the off chance they had any left. I had seen two that I didn't have when I was in last week and set aside $10 to buy the cards this week, Well when I got to the one, They had only 3 left 2 of which I didn't have and to my wonderful surprise they were marked down to 2.00 from 5.00!! I got both of them. I was just going to leave but I took a chance and walked down the aisle that had all the Slice items, and I found a bag! I was super excited! Its a little dusty but nothing a wet wash cloth wont fix!

I was only going to buy one if I could find one for under $20. Since I got a deal on everything else for the Machine and accessories. I was not going to pay full price for it. I couldn't find one online for less than that with shipping, so I said it wasn't meant to be. Then I happen to find one today! I also found 10 things I love about you baby (boy and girl) for $.99 regular $2.99 I figured for that price I can stock up since when I have kids they might not have them.

Anyways I guess I should explain what a Kory day means. For those who don't know.

I am on a website called Scrapbook.com I love it and I am addicted to the site just as much as I am addicted to Scrap booking. Well he always posts just about everyday about the wonderful amazing finds that he is able to find for cheap. I am always so jealous of his finds and wished that he lived closer so I could go with him and share in his finds!

Anyways that's all for right now. I will post later about a little background info on me and what I have for supplies and also my current projects, in another post. Maybe later today if I don't start Scrappin' first!

Here Is a pic for you all:


  1. Oh, wow- that Happy Trails cartridge looks HAPPNIN!

    And congratulations to your boyfriend on his book!!!

    1. Kory If you ever need anything with that one let me know or the Halloween one, which I bought with you in mind! hahaha I will give you a list as soon as I receive all the ones in the mail so you can let me know if you need anything!

  2. Score! Good for you. I checked out my local Mike's to see if I could find any more cartridges, but they were cleaned out. Just as well since I bought so many when they got marked down to $5.


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