Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Current Projects

Here is a list of my current projects that I have sitting on my desk right now, and some ones that I am thinking about signing up for.

I love Scrapbook.com and have gotten addicted to there swaps.

1) I have taken over a Big swap called M/M/M Swap. It means Mono, Munchkins, and Mini. They are basically, embellished die-cuts. So I currently have those to work on, as the hostess I signed up for 4 groups, I have 2 groups done and have the other 2 groups assembled, I just need to embellish them, they don't need to be finished until the first of February.

2) I signed up for a card swap. I started out with just Thinking of you and Birthday groups but after I got those ones done, I decided to sign up for more groups, I signed up for Thank you and Easter and just a couple of days ago I signed up for No Theme! I have my Thinking of you, Birthday and Thank you cards done. I have my idea for my Easter cards, I think. I am not quite sure about my No themed cards, nothing has come to mind for those ones yet. These aren't due until March 15th, so I have a little bit of time to figure those ones out.

3)I have my aunts book for my cousins baby, I have had the book for about 2 years I have all the pictures in it, I just have to embellish the pages. I really need to finish the book and give it back to her.

4) Recently my wonderful boyfriend wrote and published his first e-book! I was and am so proud of him! It was a book of poems. I decided that I would make a Scrapbook of all his book! All of his poems in the original way he intended his book. He published his book in a different form than what he wrote it in. This is something I wanted to do and I have all of the love poems on there pages, I just need to embellish them and I need to buy another book for the sorrow poems and get them on there pages. I want to finish this book for my love, but I just have no motivation to work on his book.

I will keep you all updated on my Current Projects as I finish them and when I start new ones.

New Ones I am thinking about.

1) The February M/M/M Swap, as the hostess I have to sign up for at least a few groups. I am just not sure what groups I want to sign up for next month yet. I will have until March 1st to finish them after I sign up for them.

2) Die Cut Swap, This is a swap where you basically just send in Die cuts that are plan, not really embellished. They can be.

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