Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just for Fun!

My friend Kory had posted about a new stamp he had bought and said that he was "too lazy" to think of an idea on how to use it. I think at that point he was just too "drunk" to think straight hahaha. The first word of the post title was Wine.

Anyways so at first I did not have an idea for the stamp but after a little bit I had decided that I knew how I would use the stamp. Heres how:

I cut out three Circles, put them in the middle of the card front.
I placed the "Stamp in the middle" In this case it was just the picture
of the stamp that I would have used. I took my Milled Lavender
Distress Ink and Inked the edges.

I then took my Broken China Distress Maker and wrote on the Inside of the card "Thank You" and then to follow pattern, I just the Lavender Ink around the thank you.

**Now mind you that if I would have had the stamp and was making the card for someone it would be a lot better this is really just a physical sketch.**

Here is the post that this is a reply too, let him know your ideas for a chance to win a a Kory Prize!!!!

Until Next Time.   :)

Edit: I changed the title,I realized that it made it look like I was giving a way a prize. Not yet but I was thinking about it so maybe in the near future!

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