Wednesday, March 14, 2012

JoAnns Shopping Binge Day 2

After reading a blog post by my new scrappy friend Heather Lynn about her findings at another local JoAnns that I have never been too. I decided that I wanted what she got and set out to go check out this "other JoAnns" I did have good intentions of still not spending that much and just glancing around too see what this one was like. I sadly did not find what I went in for, but thats ok it was something that I really did not need. It was just a matter of it being so cheap!

 I did find more spellbinders though. I got Labels Six which you have all seen my use already! Labels Two and Classic Scalloped Rectangles Small. There is a few more that I do want to get, just not sure when I will be able to get them. After not finding what I wanted and looking around I decided I wanted a new stamp for a Card Swap which you have already seen. lol I then found the stamp which led to the cards which where on sale and the paper. I then thought about the shirts that I wanted to make, so I ventured over to the Iron Ons and glanced around I have had yet to find anything that fits my fancy for my shirt, well that was a different story on this day! I found the perfect items! Which you can see in the pic and if not you will see in a future project.

I used my 50% off coupon for my stamp and my 40% off coupon for the iron on letters. I also picked up something extra special, I found some embossing folders on a clearance rack for 5.97, well this is where the bad customer service comes in.

I took all my pretty little items to the check out. When the embossing folders rang up at 19.99 I said "I think those are on clearance for 5.97." The cashier got an attitude very quickly and said "I Don't Think SO... But I will check" And then stormed off. A few minute later she came back up and said "They aren't on clearance and that nothing of the cuttlebug was clearanced." Again with the same bad attitude. I said ok then I dont want them. I paid for the rest of my items and walked to my car very unhappy with my service and decided that I wasn't going to stand for it today! I put my stuff in the car and walked back in to double check and make sure that I wasn't seeing things and that they didn't move the items from the signed hook! I was right, I walked to the front and ask to see the manager at the item.

I then told the manager that I was the customer who they were looking for this item, I showed him where it was and the sign, I said that if it wasn't clearanced that it was fine I didn't wanted I just wanted someone to know about the error and that I wasn't happy with the bad attitude and being told I was wrong from the start! He said he was sorry double checked the numbers and then gave me the item for the "clearance" price because it was signed wrong. Any other day if I would have received nice service I would not have gone back and complained and proved I was right. If she would have even just said "No, I'm sorry this item is not on clearance." I would have been happy and not worried about it.

This is the post that started it all for day two! hahah I was perfectly happy with my Day One purchases. heheheh Its all your fault! J/K"GoodWheel"

Until Next Time :)


  1. Well that sucks you had to deal with bad service! At least you got the folders for the clearance price. Did the guy/manager have long hair in a ponytail or braid down the back? If so, he's pretty nice. I have had some rude ladies check me out there, too! Looks like you found some good stuff! Do you like archiver's? Have you used anymore of your new goodies? Sorry for the bad experience at the other joann's! Have a great night! ~hln

    1. No I talked to someone named Jack, but I did talk to the guy with the ponytail he is the one I ask to have a manager to meet me. The cashiers name was Eileen that was the rude one. I have just recently starting to go to Archivers. Thats where I got my Distress Pens! Nope havn't used anything else yet.


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