Friday, March 9, 2012

The lovely Mr. Holtz

***Flashback to 2005***

I was new to scrapbooking. I only just glanced at Tim Holtz items. Truth be told they always intimidated me. I never knew how I would ever use any of his stuff, it was also not my style. Until a few months ago I never even knew really what his distress ink was!! Little did I know how much that had saved me! hahah

***Present Day***

Looking back I was glad that I did not know what that I know now. I also never even realized that I have and TH items all a long. When I first got into embossing, I was always on the look out for new powders. One day will browsing HL I found a bunch on Clearance. Looking at them the other day I realized that they are TH distress embossing powders!!!! I have had his items for years and never even realized it. Now my collection keeps growing and growing I have newly discovers the distress inks and stickles. I have yet to use the stickles, but I am sure that I will in the near future. 

So looking at how my collection had started and what it is today, a lot has changed in my views on scrapbooking. I can see the change in my styles over the years and my tastes. I know that I will always be changing. Its just cool that you can see yourself grow and change in the style of your layouts. I never noticed mine until about last year when I had to go through all my scrapbooks that I had made. I have learned a lot and have really learned a whole lot more thanks to! 

Okay now that I think that I am way off topic ahahah. 

Here is what I found out my collection to have started this "horrible" "new" addicition! hahah 

Just embossing powders that I didnt even know started it:

Then it grew to just adding stickles, 

then I added distress inks, little did I know that all my items went together I have most of all the collection items. hahahah 

I also have added some embossing folders and some wonderful tools! So here is my whole TH collection!!!


And my new addiction is driving me crazy, because now I feel incomplete since I have some powders and not the stickles and inks to go with them and its driving me crazy! 

And now I am on a spending freeze for the month! UGH 

Until Next Time ;)


  1. oh my..stickles are so much fun! keep in mind you need to wait a couple of hours for it to dry after using it..i learned the hard way buy putting it on something at a crop and then messing it up by packing up to go.. eekk! i love to long as you don't mind little ones you can come craft with me at my house sometime! if you want i'll email you my number! ~hl

    1. I love stickles as well! I normally try to let them dry over night, I keep them in one of my drawers in my JetMax, so I tend to forget about them. I think with all my TH stuff I will start to use them again because they are on my mind! I am trying to find a project I can use a full set on the powder, ink, and stickles on! lol

  2. I've been looking for you on Can you come on over and answer my PM's? Thanks


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