Sunday, March 18, 2012

Regular Glimmer Mists

I told you guys yesterday that I would let you know how I make all my regular glimmer mists.

What you will need:

A Spray Bottle
Peralizing Medium
Any color Waterbased Acrylic Paint

Step One:

Fill your bottle about 3/4 of the way up. You will learn as you go how much you will really need. I started out with less, but I found this is the right amount to get the color that I wanted to achieve.

Step Two:
       Add the Pearlizing Medium to your water. You only need a small amount. It all depends on how much Shimmer you want it to have; if you want less you add less and if more you add more.
After you add the shimmer, I shake it up. (This is also optional.) (This is about Three (3) drops of the medium)

Step Three:
       Add your acrylic paint. You add as much or as little as you want your color to show up. And then you shake it up.

Step Four:  Spray a sample sheet to make sure it is the color you want it to be. If you make it too dark then you can just pour some out and then add more water. To darken the color just add more paint. If it does not have enough glimmer for your taste then you just add more of the peralizing medium.

Sorry you can't really see the shimmer in this picture but you can see the color!

Very Important:
** You have to make sure that you shake your spray bottle before EVERY use. The glimmer settles at the bottom. As shown here:
This is basically the same process as the Tim Glimmers that I make. It is still a lot simpler and cheaper than some of the tutorials out there. I hope this post helps you ladies out! Let me know if you have any questions!  Yes I used some of the same pictures, because some of the steps are the same.

Until Next Time =)


  1. Thanks for another great tutorial. I am going to try to make this one day this week.

    1. You are very welcome! Let me know how they turn out for you! Let me know if there is anything out there you want me to try out to do a tutorial on!

  2. Ohhhh okay- I tried this method before- about a week or so ago- and I used WAY too much paint- I need to try this again, with much much less paint! I clogged up most of the sprayer nozzle and it was just shooting out a fierce one stream shot- not a mist!!! lol

    Ohhh it was a disaster!


    1. hahahah I can just picture you all covered in paint! hahahah

  3. thanks for another tutorial! i missed this one somehow?! hope work is going well today!

    1. Im glad you found it! Hope you can create one sometime! hahah! :)

      You are very welcome! I think that is what my blog will try to be about for the most part! :)

  4. can't wait to try this!!

    1. Let me know if you do and how they turn out!

  5. Oh thank you so much! I don't know how many bottles of acrylic paint I have left over from the days that I painted ceramics! plus I do have pearls! Now I can customize my colors...need to find some bottles!


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