Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Small Spree

I was unable to get to Tutorial Tuesday today. :( We were short 6 people at work today and I had to stay over 2.5 hours. So If I don't leave early one or two days the rest of the week it is looking like I will have a lot more overtime again this week. Not going to complain about the money but its the time that kills me. I was so exhausted after I got home, I was planning on just taking a short nap so I could still get tutorial tuesday done, but that short nap didn't end until 9pm!!!!!! I was really worn out. hahahah

I am off tomorrow and plan on spending most of my day in my scrap room and on my blog.

I figured I would share my little shopping spree from yesterday with you guys!  I went after work to go meet up with my mom for lunch while I was waiting for her I decided to take a look around Hobby Lobby. I was looking to the piercing mat for the Sew Easy. They didn't have one, all sold out :( I was able to get some very cute floss and the scalloped head. I also found a clearance set of Tinker Bell Stickers! I also got some covers for some bottle caps I got this weekend. That was extent of my shopping spree. I can't wait for Saturday so I can get the mat so I can start using my  Sew Easy!

Until Next Time! ^_^

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