Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday- Rosette with the MS Scoreboard

Tutorial Tuesday is here again. Today I am going to show you how to make the Rosettes with the Martha Stewart Scoreboard. This was the main reason I bought my MS scoreboard.
What you will need:
Martha Stewart Scoreboard
Bone Folder (Can use the one that comes with the scoreboard)
A strip of paper 1.5inches X 12 inches
Hot Glue Gun
A circle punch ( or something similar)
Two punched out pieces of paper (doesn't have to match you paper)
**For this option you dont have to have two punched out you can just have one for the bottom to keep the Rosette together and just add bling or button to the top if you prefer. I will post a Picture of that at a later date when I use one for a project.

After watching about 10 different YouTube videos I finally figured out the perfect way for me to do it. It was a little confusing to watch and try to figure out at first, Once I did though it was so easy!

First you are going to cut a strip of paper to about 1.5 inches. I left my paper the full length of 12 inches.You then take your bone folder and make the score marks in basically every other one. I do them in the blue marks but you can do the brown marks if you prefer.
 *Just a hint make sure that you are not pressing down too hard you will rip you paper as you score but if you don't press hard enough you won't score the paper and it will be hard to fold right.
After you score your whole length of paper, you then fold the paper every other way. Making  a ladder fold ( I think is what its called) Most of the videos talked about making hills and valleys. You just fold it forward then back and repeat until the whole paper is folded on the score marks.

At this point I plugged in my hot glue gun to warm up. You then Cut on end off at the fold so you can glue the two ends together like so and make it all uniform. You put some hot glue on your little punch or whatever you want to use. You then take your circle of folded paper and you take the center and you push down gently and you flatten your circle so your center comes down on the hot glue on your punch.

You then hot glue a punch on the top and add a button or a piece of bling. Here I added bling. Normally I would have used a better matching paper but I wasn't going to use this in a project. This one was created just for you guys and this tutorial. :)

And there you have it the finished product! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions I will be glad to answer them, just let me know!

Until Next Time! ^_^


  1. aren't the rosettes fun!? love them!!

  2. I have the MS score board, I have paper, I have glue gun and after looking at your post I have inspiration! Thanks!


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