Friday, May 25, 2012

.... Now is Found...

What once was lost, now is found!!!!!
I have some exciting news to share! My camera is found!!! :) Someone decided to clean up and just put it in one of my jet max drawers. He couldn't even put it in the one labeled camera! hahahah just threw it in some random drawer. I happened to need something out of that drawer today and it was laying right there!

I was so excited! It feels like Christmas! I figured that I had left it somewhere, like in a store or something after I took a picture, I was so sad. Now I can be happy again, and not have to worry about buying a new one! :)

Here is to the small things in life that make us happy!

Until Next Time! ^_^


  1. This is great news. I'm so happy for you, Becca!

  2. congratulations on finding the camera-

    and WOW, your blog looks GREAT!!! Make mine look good!!

  3. Yay!! Congrats on finding your camera!! I'm a new follower, and invite you to come check out my blog and follow if you enjoy my work. ~ Blessings


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