Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hey guys! I am so excited about my next two Tutorial Tuesdays! I already have one done and ready to go for you! The next one I just tried tonight for the first time and loved it! I am so excited about it I had to share with you all.

This coming Tuesday will be the Tri Shutter Cards. They are super super super easy to make. It just takes a few folds and a few cuts, Nothing complicated at all. :) I can't wait to share how to make it with you all. My theme for these cards will be Birthday! They are going to be given as Birthday cards for my two friends that have Birthdays in the next couple of months!

Next Tuesday I will be making a Waterfall Flip Book/Mini! They are super fun to put together. I was just randomly looking up other tutorials on you tube and this one came up. I thought that looks simple enough that I would be able to share! I made my first one tonight and I wish that I could share how to make it with you right now.

I also wanted to let you all know that in August I will be taking a weeks vacation. Don't know if we are going anywhere special or just getting away. But I will be MIA for at least a week. We will be celebrating our Birthdays. I am hoping to have a tutorial ready before I leave and have it post while I am gone. But if not then we will have to miss a week. :(
I am trying to figure out how to list the tutorials on the side bar so you guys can look through and find all my tutorials quickly and easily.

Well I just wanted to share with you what is coming up, and what is on my mind for the night. I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday night. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and your holiday on Monday. Sadly enough I have to work. hahah Everyone else gets a three day weekend, but I have to work all three days! Oh well. Such is life. hahaha

Until Next Time. ^_^

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