Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today was the big day with surprise dinner. It went over really well! He was really surprised. It was a GREAT day! Here is a picture of the finished cake! Homemade German Chocolate Cake! :) I love to make it. It tastes so good!
Anyways back to the title, when I was getting ready to go to the dinner and I was looking for my camera. It is no where to be found. :( It wasn't in the last place I left it. I have searched high and low. I have went through all my stuff. I can't find it. I feel like I am going to cry.

While I was out, I was able to stop at Archivers! It was the very first one that I had ever went into! All the way back in 2007!! I haven't been in that one since that date. It was good to go back to that one. It is a lot bigger than the one by me now. I got a few dew drops. I got a couple special sheets of Birthday paper because a special manager at work is having a birthday next month and I want to start on it now so it will be ready.
As I was checking out and the new Tim Holtz distress inks!!! I wanted them so bad but I didn't have my coupon with me. I asked the cashier if there was a coupon out and she said yes it was a 37% one. She then told me that if I wanted the inks that she would over ride it and give me the coupon without having it. :) I was so excited! I saved $7.00!!!!!

Then while I was at Target I just happened to be walking down the isle and what do I see on an end cap. 9 rolls of washi tape for $6.99!!! Amazing! My washi tape collections is slowly growing. :)
They aren't in the package anymore because I used some on my dads gift bag. I didn't have time to take a picture of them in the package but they did come on that roll. I think they were in the kids craft stuff. I think they are called Kids Paper Tape or something like that. SOrry I was in such a big hurry and was trying to find my camera I forgot and then when I got home the package was already thrown out. I will have to look next time I go to Target and let you all know! I am surprised that Kory over there at has not found these and posted about them! I know how much he loves his washi tape!

 Oh and while I was taking the pictures of my wonderful savings I had a visitor. He had to sniff everything I laid out. I was surprised that I was able to get pictures of the items without him in them! When I went to get his picture he looked away and I couldn't get him to look at me. hahaha It figures.

(sorry the pictures aren't that great, they are from my phone!)

Until Next Time :)

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