Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paper Deal

Happy last day of May!!! It is hard to believe that May is over and June will be here and we will be halfway through the year already. I am already thinking about Christmas and Christmas gifts! :) I think that I will be going a Christmas in July theme for the blog and show everyone how to make different Christmas items like cards (which I start to make

I had to go return a set of dew drops yesterday because I realized I had all of them except one. While I was out I decided to head over to JoAnns since I was out that way.

I was so happy I did. They had there stamps 50% off again. I got another dew drop set. I am slowly working my way to having them all. They also had there paper 50% off, I stocked up on a couple of the patterns that I had been running low on. I also found that they had some of their Disney Paper marked down to .25!!!! I decided to stock up on those as well. I got to the check outs, all of the Disney paper rang up at .10!!!! What a steal! I was so excited. I already thought I was getting a great deal! I ended up spending less then the dew drop set cost normal price! I love my deal days!!! I am hoping that I will be able to find some more this weekend when I go out again. I am on the hunt for some acetate paper, for a tutorial I am working on!

Remember if you have something you want to try but dont have the time or the materials to see if it will work just let me know and I will try it out for you!

Until Next Time *_*

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  1. Sounds like you found some cool deals today! Congrats! :)


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