Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Major Haul

I am so far behind in my blog postings that I went shopping two weeks ago and never got to post about it! SO here it is ladies and gents FInally!!!!

I was getting a little low on my card stock and envelopes so I decieded it was time to stock up again and a trip to Hollos in Brunswick. I love that place you can buy cardstock by the pound the envies are like 3 cents to 5 cents depending on the size you can get packs of like ten cards and envie for .95 cents. You can also get index size cards in a huge pack for $1.50!! Thats what the 4 packs in the right hand top corner are.

This place it just great! I got a ton of envies and precut paper to match the envies so I can make cards a little bit easier.

 I got a ton of paper of course. 
All this paper cost a total of $5!! Can you believe that!

I also made a stop at the wonderful JoAnns! I got a few items for some swaps. I bunch of Mini Misters for my Glimmer Mists to give away, And some magnet strips to use to store my Spellbinders. I still have to get those put away and show you guys how I am going to store them to give you guys some ideas!!!

That is all that I bought about 4 weeks ago I guess looking at the date on the pictures. I guess I am a little farther behind than I thought I was. Thats right... I remember now. This past payday Saturday All that I got was a paper stack from Joanns and one or two more items for my Secret Sister swap on I will be posting on the SS Swap later today! I will show you wonderful ladies what my Secret sister sent me and also the package I will be sending out! :)

Until Next Time. :)


  1. Enjoy... Looks like you had a good time =)

  2. love Hollo's!! looks like u found some good stuff! :)


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