Monday, May 7, 2012

Sad Day!

Not a really sad day nothing bad happened. But yesterday as I was taking my pictures for tutorial Tuesday, I got that message on my camera that said.......


Mind you it was my last free memory card. I already had a 4GB and two 2GB filled. This one was an 8GB. I had to go thru and delete a couple of pictures so I could finish my tutorial pics for you guys! 

It has taken me a while to fill all of them up. But I now have a new task, clearing off the cards. I now have 16GB of pictures to go through. I dont think any of which are printed! Long days ahead for me! hahahah

I cleared off the 4GB last night so I would have room to take more pictures, for the other projects I did last night. So I am now a quarter of the way done!! :) YAY! 

That brings me to my question of the day. How do you guys store your pictures after your memory card is full? I know I have a scrappy friend that just keeps buying new ones. I store a copy on my PC and I also back it up on a DVD Disk. 

Until Next TIme. :P

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  1. I always upload my pictures to my PC, usually within a day or two. I then upload them to shutterfly too, so that they are permanently safe. If my house burned down today, nearly every single picture of my children is replaceable and could easily be reprinted because they are all online in the same place. I like uploading them to shutterfly b/c I can share them with all my family too. Wow, sounds like I should be a spokesperson for them or something, lol, I'm really not getting anything to say any of that!!!


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