Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Toy

Yesterday I took advantage of the 50% off coupon for Michaels! I am excited to announce that I have a brand new toy. I have been researching the pros and cons of tape runners for a while. I am was using the small tombo tape runners.

I couldn't decide between the Glue Glider Pro, or the ATG. I finally decided at the store. lol I went with the..........
 ATG. It was a little more expensive than the GGP but the ATG comes with more tape and will last longer. In the end I feel like it will more than pay for itself.
I will be buying a GGP to compare them myself at a later date.

When you buy the refills you get two in them for a total of 72 yards of tape. After I have used it for a while I will be writing a review for it as well. I plan on buying the GGP soon to compare for all you that might be trying to decide if they are worth it.

I am excited to use my new toy tonight since I don't have to work tomorrow! :)

Hope you all enjoyed your memorial day!

Until next time! ^_^


  1. I have used both and I really like the ATG. The GGP seems to get all gunky and that really annoys me so I quite using it. The nice thing about the ATG is you can get the general use refill to use for cards since it is cheaper and then the acid free refill for scrapbooking. I will admit... I have two... one for each type. LOL. Enjoy your new toy!!

  2. You made the right decision. It probably paid for itself already compared to the pro glider. I have both and hands down like the ATG much better. I think the adhesive is better, it's easier to use, and is a much better value. The only thing that's harder is loading it, and if you look at the guide built into the inside of the gun, it's really easy after the first time or two. ~ Blessings

  3. You are going to LOVE your new toy! I don't even know how I crafted without mine!

  4. I LOVE MY ATG! It's the best!

  5. you will love the atg!! it's awesome!


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