Friday, May 4, 2012

New Addiction!

I am on my way to a new addiction it seems like!!! hahahah Like I need a new one.... As I said in my Secret Sister post I received the Sew Easy, well it has been the subject of all of my most recent shopping trips!

I have been looking for the piercing mat, I finally found one! But on my journey to finding one I have bought two more heads and about a dozen sets of floss!!! I think that I will be set for a while, but some how I don't think that will stop me from looking for and buying new Sew Easy items!!!

Here is my latest shopping trip!

This week I rearranged my scrap room, I found out that this new way to have I can fit 6 more Jetmax Cubes!!!!!! My goal this weekend is to get at least three more and get more of my stuff put away and organized. :) I will keep you all updated and maybe when I get all my stuff put away I will post pictures and give you all a tour so you can see where I create all my beauties! :)

Until Next Time ^_^


  1. Looking forward to seeing your creations with your new Sew Easy! I love mine. lol I want to try the Sew Easy Ribbon now :)

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    Became a follower ;) Hugs! Frank


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