Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spellbinder Storage

I thought that I would share with you all how I store my Spellbinders and my clear stamps!

Its a super simple and cheap way to store them and you can take them with you where ever you go without them taking up to much space. I got a little 3 ring binder from staples. I got page protectors to fit them and that is about it. I cut down some paper and for the spellbinders I took a small strip of magnet and glued it to the paper and there you have it. You have the perfect size storage for you spellbinders.

I also do this for my clear stamps. I cut the top of the package and tape that to the paper. That way when you take a set of stamps out you will know which sleeve to put them back in if you are combining stamp sets. :)

I just wanted to share with you all how I stored mine. If you guys have easier ways to store yours let me know! I would love to hear how you all store your spellbinders and clear stamps.

I got this idea from someone in a group I am in on Facebook. I can't remember for the life of me who it was. I also can't find the post. :( So if you are the one that posted in the group and shared let me know so I can give you proper credit! :)

Hope you all enjoy your Thursday! ^_^ Until Next Time


  1. What perfect timing! I just got my first Spellbinder set yesterday at Michael's! I got to use a 50% off coupon. I can't wait to get to play with them! Thanks for the awesome idea!

    1. Awesome!!! Which one did you get? I can't wait to see what you create!

  2. Oh wow, I never thought of doing it in a binder. I put my smaller clear stamps, and my Spellbinders sets into CD cases. Great job! :)

    1. You can still use the binder for the smaller ones as well. If you have like the Studio G small stamps and things you can just get the business card page or like a trading card page. I dont know if they have the trading card one for the smaller binders but I did see the business card one for the smaller one so I will be getting that to use for my smaller stamp sets.


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