Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday- Post-It and Pen Holder

Happy Tuesday all! Alteast what is left of it. I know I am a little late with Tutorial Tuesday but here it is! Today I will be showing you guys how to make a post-it NOte and Pen Holder. They are super cute and very easy to make. I got the idea from Becky at Hoo Wants To Craft!

I made mine for a few of my friends to add to little gift bags I am making them.
You will need:
Post-It Notes
Small Pen
Piece of Cardstock (I used white)
Any Stamps (to decorate)
MS Scoreboard (anything used for scoring will work)
Tape Runner

1) Your piece of cardstock will be cut to 7 3/8 in by 3 1/4 in. You then You will score it at 3 1/8 in, 3 1/2 in & 3 7/8 in.

2) You fold at your scores. You then fold at the middle score and you make two cuts. This will be for your pen to go in later.

3) You decorate as you would like. I used my background stamp on the whole piece and then I used my distress ink to ink the edges. I then used foam and put my image on the front.

4) You then tape one of the scores down. While keeping the little piece you cut out.

5) You then use your tape to tape the back of the post-it note. and then tape it to the inside of your new holder. Then you are ready to add your pen! :)

You are then done! :) Congrats you just made a post-it and pen holder! These are the three that I made for my friends.

Until Next Time ^_^


  1. very cute, Rebecca! love how they turned out. thank you for the cool tutorial!!

    1. Thank you! They are super easy and fun to make! :) I think I might redo the pink and purple one because I like the way the blue one turned out the best. I used a different color for the background stamp and it makes the distress stand out more! I love it! <3

  2. Yours are ADORABLE!!! And thanks for the shout-out in your post; it's the first time I've ever been mentioned on someone else's blog!


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