Saturday, June 9, 2012


As you might have noticed, I have never posted a scrapbooking Layout on here. This is because I have not completed a LO in almost 4 years. :( I was really behind when I was with my ex. I lost my MoJo for about two years. Most of my stuff just sat around. Then my world got turned upside down. After moving all my stuff, I got my MoJo back and it has been back in full force for a while now.


When it returned it came in the form of cards and embellishments and things like that. I still have not created a LO. After my world changed it made me completely caught up. hahaha Well it is now almost two years later and I am now almost two years behind again! hahaha
I still haven't had the MoJo to create one.

I think that now I am starting to get my MoJo for LOs back. Tonight I have this urge to create a LO, the only thing is that I have no pictures to create one. :(

I can see a trip to print out pictures very soon so I will be able to do a LO at any time if I get the urge again....

I don't really have much to do for LO the Beau and I don't get out too much. Although I do have a bit to do to catch up on.

I think I will also be started to share my older LO so everyone can see my first LO to my latest. (When I start making them again.) That way everyone one can see how much I have evolved over the years as I have scrapbooked.

Until Next Time. :)  (Maybe with a new LO)


  1. Hope to see some of your layouts soon =) You sound like the kind of scrapper I am - one that doesn't do all the frivolous/elegant pages. I like to fit as many photos that describe the scene/event as I can as well.
    Also I love using stickers and I graduated in Elementary Education and have had lots of background in childcare =D
    Found you through Jessica's FB game =)

    1. Sounds like we are long lost Scrap Sisters!!!!

      hahaha I found you earlier too! I was playing her facebook game and one of the questions was to follow someone that has a blinkie on her blog and for some reason my eye lead me to you!!! hahahah


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