Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday

One of my very best friends is having a Birthday tomorrow! I am so excited! She is an amazing friend a great worker, and a wonderful mom. She is one of my fellow managers at work. I love working with her!

**Edit** So while I was showing off her Birthday Card my guy spilled his drink on the card so I had to make another one and that is why there is two cards on the page, and not just one. The first one was the original. The second one is the revised better one!

Anyways after working with her a couple of times I found out she is as happy and hyper as I am. But that is not the best part, she also scrapbooks as well. It was a match made in heaven!
As we have worked together we have become closer. I am so glad that we have became friends. She was the person that I was making the Tri Shutter card in my TUTORIAL. With out further ado here is the finished product of that tutorial:
This one its the first one <
This is the second one! >
Not very much different but a lot better!
I can't seem to upload the picture of the front of the card. :(
I had an amazing time making it.

The rest of her gifts included:

 The coffee mug is a running joke between us is that when she first started working with me she hated the taste of coffee but she needed a ton of sugar, cream and flavoring. When I found this mug I knew it was perfect for her!

I also got her some scrapping supplies! I am excited to see how she will use these. I am not sure if she has anything like these so it will be a nice suprise if she hasn't!!!

I had a blast getting everything ready to give her!
I am so excited that I get to share her Birthday with her.

This is Ashley, The Birthday Girl, and Me!!! We all had an amazing time last night! I can't wait to do it again!!!!
Until Next Time! ;)


  1. Aww looks like you are spoliing your friend for her birthday! Very sweet of you! We need to get together sometime before too long.

  2. These 3D cards are so cool! You going to try a layout anytime soon =)


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