Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Hop and Giveaway

Sorry I have been missing lots of things going on over here. Lots of shopping and packages come in! I have an order from CTMH that will be here today and I will be doing a video on my haul later today I am really excited for the order because it will have the Artiste Cartridge from CTMH! I can't wait to use it.

Anyways I will fill you all in on my shopping finds later. Some of you may know that my Birthday is in a couple of weeks, well I am planning a lot for that week. I will be hosting a blog hop the weekend after to end out the week of events! I am so excited for the hop it will be my first one that I am hosting. I have a lot of prizes for the hop along with that week. I will be doing a 100 follower prize pack, I am hoping to get that up and running today to share with you all! I wanted to share some of the prize that you could win in the blog hop on the 19th!

I have a lot more to add to the prize that I got yesterday! I will show you all the final prize pack later in the week! I will be posting information on all the giveaways soon. I am hoping to get it all organized today1 My next day off is Friday I am hoping that I will be able to have it up before then but for sure sometime Friday! 

Here is the button as well! I hope you all can hop along with us!

I will also be participating in my First blog hop this coming weekend! I am excited to share! It is also a Birthday Hop as well. That will be happening August 4th! So stay tuned for that as well. 
Well I think my CTMH order just got here so I am going to go open it and get ready to play with my new toy! I will have a post on that as well soon!

Until Next Time :)

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