Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A little update & Washi Tape

I was about to get a little time in my scrap room tonight since they messed up my schedule and I don't go in until 3pm tomorrow I was able to stay up a little later. I made a new card which I will be showing you all tomorrow its a super simple and easy card. Very fun to make. I am thinking about doing my first video tutorial on it. I am hoping to post the actual tutorial tomorrow but I won't be able to do the video until probably Thursday if not then this weekend. We will see what time has in store for us!

I also wanted to share my new washi tape storage with you guys. A friend of mine had shown me pics of her ribbon storage and it clicked to me that washi tape should fit the same way in those containers. So after hunting some down I finally found some and was able to finally clean up all my washi tape from my desk! I am still missing a couple rolls that I know are probably hidden underneath all my projects on my desk. But anyways what I found was that the plastic round cracker containers work perfect for the washi tape! I found mine at big lots if you need more info or would like me to pic some up for you just let me know. I will be adding a contact button at the top of my page next to the tutorial button as well for everyone to be able to contact me. But that will come tomorrow when I'm back on the pc and not my phone :) anyway here are your pictures:

Until next time :-)

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