Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Mail!

I love to check the mail when I have happy mail and not just bills and/or junk mail. It always makes me so happy. Yesterday I got 3 awesome things in the mail! I was able to find some awesome stamp sets to start my Close to My Heart Buiness with! Both of those items came in yesterday as well as wait for it.....


My Close to my Heart consultant Kit!!! I am so super excited! Unfortantally I was only able to open it and just take a sneak peak at the items. I worked a 13 hours shift yesterday and by the time I got off I only had 11 hours before my next shift started. I was able to come home change go get dinner because I was to tired to make anything! Then it was off to bed for me. I was asleep before the sun even set. It felt really weird to be going to bed for the night while the sun was still up.

Anyways I am really excited to start creating but sadly my week is not over I work an 11 hour shift tomorrow and then an 8 hour shift on Monday. Then I finally get a day off and will be able to sit down and really look through everything and be able to play with all my new toys!!! I so can't wait. Its going to be such a fun day. All I have to do is get through two more days of work. 19 more work hours then I will be able to nap and then play with all my new stuff and create to my little hearts desire for a whole day! hahahh I can't wait until I get a Vacation hopefully in August!

Until Next Time! =]

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