Monday, April 2, 2012

Got Scraps?

There was a post on the other day about when a scrap is that exactly, a scrap. As I was reading the post I found an awesome idea and then that lead me to another great idea. Its a cute way to use up your scraps! You can make both of these items with scraps. I made the first one with scraps, the second one I wanted to try to I went out and got special card stock colors for my idea.

Both the ideas stem from the same person. The first flower is from her blog and then as I was catching up on all of her posts I found the other amazing flower. Both of these are some what simple. One more than the other.

The first flower that I tried to make was this one. Simple Flower the only thing that I did different was the way I crimped the flowers. I pinched them in the middle instead of curling one side. Here is my end result:

Then while catching up I found other flowers and I fell in love with them. They are a little harder to make, but you can def use scraps with them as well. She gave the link to where she found them as well! I found the post and decided to make them my self! I was so excited to share them. The post explains how to make them very well. Just the the other flower I have shown tonight.

Here is the other flower. I have pink and green colors set up to do as well. I have to fix my flower shapes for the next set that I do after these. The thing that I did different with these flowers is, I used the puffy paint before I assembled the flowers it was much easier to do it that way!  Here is how to make these wonderful flowers Flowers! Without further ado, here is my version of them! Oh and I also used colored card stock in the middle and then misted them.

Hope you enjoyed these flowers, and has now given you more ideas on how to use your scraps.

Until Next Time :) 

Dont forget that tomorrow is Tutorial Tuesday! 


  1. Those are some good lookin flowers, thx for sharing the link :D I've been wanting to try making some. Take care!!

  2. Awesome job on those flowers! How much fun are those!

  3. Hey, those look familiar! I'm so glad you were inspired to try them, and look how fabulous they are! Great job, flowers are too much fun.

  4. Thanks for this! Can't wait to try it.


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