Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Card

Sorry that I have been away so long, work has been crazy, my hours are so weird for me.  I hate that I didn't get tutorial tuesday done for you guys this week! I have never in my year and half being at work, worked til 7pm! It was very weird, I went in at 11am I am normally off at 11am. I missed my nap! UGH hahahaha

Anyways tomorrow is my Bosses 30th birthday and it will be the last time I see him before he goes on vacation next week since I will be doing my training the rest of the week. Anyways I am not talking about work anymore! hahahah

I worked in a little scrappy time tonight to make him a card! I was very stumped on what to do for his card, he is a very hard person to read. My other manager told me that she thinks he likes baseball. I didn't want to chance him not liking baseball so I went with simple. I used some of the card stock that I bought at Hollos ( I will be posting later about my shopping this weekend) and I used the Darice brand embossing folder. Its a pendant. I was hoping to use some washi tape for the time but it did not work this time. :( I will have to use it soon or I will be going crazy!  I used my Slice to cut out the happy birthday out. I think it turned out very well. I went with a red, white, and blue theme since its a guys card.

Hope you all like it. Now off to work on some more flowers for my secret sister swap. :) I promise that I will be back on track soon and be able to post more as well. :) Training will be over soon and then I will be able to get back to being able to have my scrappy time! :)

Until Next Time ^_^


  1. It's ok that you have a life and didn't get up a tutorial! :) Wonderful card! Hope you get your naps in this week!

  2. I love that embossed banner! Too cute!!

  3. very cute! Been wondering where you've been.

  4. Simple sometimes has the most impact- love the colors

  5. Awesome card
    Stopped by from the blog post on Love your blog and are following =)

  6. Great card! I love that embossing folder. I'm sure he'll love your card!


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