Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday- Tie Dye Paper

Good afternoon ladies and gents! Tutorial Tuesday is finally here!

OKAY first off I have some awesome news that I want to share. I passed my Serve Safe exam! This means that as soon as I become manager at work, I can be left in the store alone and I can do our food safety. :) So thats my exciting news for the day!

Now on to the good stuff, that you all have been waiting for. Today we are making tie dye paper. This is very simple and easy to make! Today I am making it for a swap that I am in on SB.com

Here is what you will need:

Aluminium Foil (I put mine on a cookie sheet)
A spatula
Food Coloring
Toothpick or Knife
Shaving Cream
A bowl
Paper ( I use cardstock and this time I used 8X8 paper)

First you spread some shaving cream on your foil. Then you take a few drops of the food coloring an drip in in random places on the spread out shaving cream.

Then you take your knife or toothpick and you spread your food coloring around very lightly. Making lines in the designs to your preference.
 (for this one I made circles) 

(here is what your random might look like)
After you get your design that you like you take your paper and place it on top of the shaving cream. Press down lightly. Too hard and you will make a huge mess with your shaving cream. ( I know from experience) 

Slowly lift your paper off the shaving cream it will look like this when you pull it off. You then take your spatula and wipe off the shaving cream. I scrap it into my bowl. Then you have your finished product. 

All you have to do is wait for the paper to dry. Once the paper is dry I set it under something heavy for about an hour or so, sometimes over night so it will become flat. 

If you have a big enough area or pan you can make two pages at a time to make a two page background. You just have to make sure that you "decorate" enough of the shaving cream so you can lay your two papers down at the same time. Here is what mine looks like:

As you can see it makes a connecting background.

Something else you can do that will use some of the leftovers. After I am done making my designs I take some of the used shaving cream out of my bowl and put that down on the pan and then put my paper down it make more of a rainbow background verses tie dye. They both look amazing! 
Here is all that I made today.

Just a warning if you do not want to tie dye your hands then I suggest wearing gloves.

If any of you have any questions or need something explained more, just let me know I will be happy to answer! I can't wait to see if any of you try this! Enjoy.

Until Next Time ;)


  1. looks pretty easy! thanks for the tutorial..your paper turned out great!! :)

    1. ps awesome on the exam! i knew you'd do good!~ :)

  2. Wild! I never heard of doing this- cool!!

    And congratulations! You are the only person I know that is allowed to be in a McDonalds ALONE! lol There's one near me that I'm not even allowed to go into!


  3. Very cool technique, thanks for sharing & congrats on passing your exam!

  4. Great job! I haven't done this tech in a while...yours came out perfect!

  5. Thanks for sharing this technique. I haven't seen anything like it before. Congrats on passing your test!

  6. TFS - love these flowers- they kinda have a magnolia look to them - beautiful. Now I need to invest in some puff pain- I have white.... maybe that would work

  7. How much fun is this! Thanks for sharing! Woo Hoo on passing your test!

  8. Congratulations on passing your test and thanks for this tutorial. I am going to have to have my dd try it. Itlooks like fun!

  9. Awesome effect and tutorial, thanks for sharing! Congratulations as well - well done!


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