Friday, August 24, 2012

Layouts and prizes!

Good afternoon all! A couple of days ago I finished my first LO in several years! I was so happy to have finally done it! Its been a long time coming!

 This LO is the start of Mike and I's first album, Not to much going on but it is only the intro page! I can't wait to create more pages for our book. I have a lot of pictures already printed and I also now have a couple more events to print out as well as adding more events this weekend when we go see the Combine Derby with the Tickets I won! I am so excited for tomorrow!
Its sad to think that my vacation is coming to an end. It was really great while it lasted. I head back Tuesday morning at 3am! UGH it will be here before I know it! It will be another year before I take another one. I see some 3 day weekends in my near future.

Anyways I also found the pictures I took of Tinas prize pack and I wanted to share with you all what the prize was besides the $15 credit to Nikkis.

Tina's prize pack will be going out tomorrow morning before we head out to the fair.  :) I will also be participating in my first CTMH blog hop tomorrow. I am super excited about that! We will be sharing items from the Artiste Cartridge. :) I will be finishing my project tonight and am super excited to share it will you all!


  1. Woohoo! Really cute! Love the colors. Can't wait to see more =)

  2. Wow Wow Wow! What a cool prize! Thanks oh so much! Lookin forward to it and using it, lots of birthday next month. Thank you!


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